Friday, 30 September 2016

Temperature updation on thingspeak using sim900

In this post we are going to discuss how to upload temperature on thingspeak channel using sim 900 and arduino uno. As I had already uploaded the data on thingspeak channel using sim 900 and terminal software.


This project is a wireless temperature logger on thingspeak channel using gsm module and arduino.
For temperature sensor, we are using lm35, that gives output in millivolt which can be easily calibrated in  terms of  °C. We have to use adc module, since it's an analog sensor. Once the raw data is converted into temperature, we can upload the data.

Now, we are ready to upload the data on thingspeak channel. Thingspeak provides api for uploading of data. Before this, we have to use activate GPRS on sim900. We also to provide APN for accessing the internet. After activating the GPRS, we have to use GET like this:


Saturday, 24 September 2016

Internet of things: Data uploading on thingspeak using sim900

In this post, we are going to upload data on thingspeak using sim900 module.

Things required:

  1. SIM 900 module
  2. USB-TTL converter
  3. Terminal software
  4. Account on thingspeak
  5. 12 volt adapter for powering gsm module
First of all, make connections as follows:

GSM                                           USB-TTL

RX        ==============>    TX
TX        ==============>    RX
GND     ==============>   GND