Monday, 9 January 2017

How to burn Arduino bootloader to atmega 328

In this post we will learn, how to burn hex file in avr microcontroller using programmer and burner software.

List of components/software:

1. USBasp programmer
2. Target circuit board having microcontroller (mine have atmega328)
3. Avrdudes (Burner software)

USBasp driver installed in your system.
If it is not installed, then read instructions about installation from my previous post.
USBasp driver installation

Default fuse byte for atmega328 is: LFUSE = 0X62 and HFUSE = 0XD9. It might vary
This corresponds to internal rc oscillator

This corresponds to external oscillator having frequency 16 MHz

We can use internal as well as external oscillator. For the time being, we are using external crystal having 16 MHz frequency.

Connecting atmega328 to usbasp

USBasp programmer
USBasp programmer

Using Usbasp programmer
Change the fuse bytes:

Check out the video:

The connections from USBasp programmer to target circuit board (atmega 8a is as follows):

USBASP                                    ATMEGA328
VCC                                           PIN NO. 7, 20, 21 (VCC, AREF, AVCC)
GND                                          PIN NO. 8, 22 (GND)
RST                                            PIN NO. 1 (RESET)
MOSI                                         PIN NO. 17 (MOSI)
MISO                                         PIN NO. 18 (MISO)
SCK                                           PIN NO. 19 (SCK)

The connection is same for any other microcontroller e.g. atmega 328, atmega 328P, atmega 168, etc.

Watch Video:

Download avrdudes from the below link:

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