Friday, 24 March 2017

Matlab with Arduino - Part 1

In this post, we are going to install arduino library in matlab.
There are two options available:
Online and Offline support package for matlab. We are using offline method for installation of arduino library.

  • Matlab 
  • Matlab account (for downloading support package)
  • Arduino IDE
  • Arduino UNO board
First of all, download the support package zip file from:

For Matlab 2013b or earlier

For Matlab 2014a and beyond

After downloading the support package, extract the zip file and paste it in installation directory:

C:/Program Files/Matlab/Bin/ArdunioIO

After pasting, open Matlab. In command window: install_arduino

Upload the adioes program in arduino board

% connect the board
a=arduino('COM5')   % Choose correct com port

pinMode(a,13,'output');  % make pin13 as output

digitalWrite(a,13,0);  // make digital pin 13 low (0) 

Video for library installation:

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